Gero - Pneumatic expanding airshafts


Born in 1995, GERO S.r.l. has been aiming at satisfying the most relevant requirements of customers: quality, competence, competitive prices, respect of delivery terms and service.

Ever since GERO S.r.l. has been manufacturing and marketing a wide range of pneumatic expanding airshafts with keys and strips from aluminium and steel and in different diameters, according to the specific requirements of customers.In addition we offer a wide range of complementary products, such as differential airshafts, pneumatic brakes, bowed rollers, safety chucks as well as expanding chucks.

All these items are designed to be easily used and secure the highest working reliability as well as an easy standard maintenance. Our updated constructive technology, our state-of-the-art CNC-plants together with our long experienced staff allow a competitive and high quality production.