flange- and pedestal-mounted models

Bowed rollers

Bowed rollers are designed to prevent or eliminate wrinkles when processing paper, fabrics or plastic films. Our standard model is supplied with a covering with antistatic black rubber having excellent resistance features. For special requirements other rubber types are available on request.
  • The standard bow percentage of our bowed roller is included between 1% and 1.2% of the body length.
  • The following parameters are essential to ensure good film stretching:

    – the wrap angle between material and bowed roller should be from 15° to 40°
    – the distance between the last idle roller and the bowed roller must be from 4 to 8 times the diameter of the bowed roller, while the distance between the bowed roller and the following idle one must not exceed 2÷3 times the diameter of the bowed roller