Expanding airshafts
with strips

Designed to rewind and unwind rolls with cores

Expanding airshafts with strips

Our expanding airshafts with strips are specifically suitable for one-roll or multi-roll applications on a single airshaft . Thanks to the exclusive design of all our strip airshafts, the strip and/or the bladder can be easily replaced without having to disassemble the journals.
When the rubber bladder system under the strips is inflated, the strips get expanded allowing to grip rolls.

  • The central body can be made of steel or aluminium, while the expanding strips are available in rubber, aluminium and polyurethane
  • All zinc-plated steel journals are manufactured to customer’s drawing.
  • The extruded aluminium we use for our standard diameter models allow a very attractive quality – price relation (see chart)
  • The steel body models have min. diameter 18 mm with one only expanding strip and min. diameter 25 mm with 3 strips
  • Our standard steel airshafts are listed in the chart. Other sizes are available on request