As a market leader, attentive to the well-being
of man and nature, GERO decided
to sponsor the world of sport too.
We at GERO have always been passionate about the world of sport as a healthy lifestyle that transmits the ideals of fairness, competition, collaboration and the desire to improve. They’re the very same ideals we want to bring to bear in our work and in our company, every single day.

Polisportiva Besanese

For the past 10 years, Gero has been the official sponsor of the orienteering team in Besana in Brianza, which for 6 consecutive years has been the highest ranked in Italy.


The star of Usmate Basketball is the women’s team, which has always been the standard bearer of the Usmate sports club. Women’s basketball began flourish in Usmate with the first mini-basketball courses organized in the early seventies under the guidance of coach Sergio Fumagalli, and has now signed up as many as 6,000 athletes in just 40 years.


As a promoter of youth cycling, Pedale Arcorese is there for all girls and boys who want to try their hand at such a beautiful sport, which also teaches them how to fight for what they believe in and never give up. Pedale Arcorese has also been organizing cycling competitions for many years now.